Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dust Storm! Day 250

We had a large dust storm come through. It was reported to be 30 miles wide and 2500 feet tall. For comparison the giant storm of July 2011 was 50 miles wide and 5000 feet tall by the time it hit Phoenix (that was down from 8000-10,000 feet in the desert south of the valley.

It reminded me of a tidal wave.

And the view as the storm approached our house.

September 6

©2012 Michelle Goodrum


  1. Run for cover! I keep hearing about these in the news. I hope you didn't have your wet clothes hanging on a line outside, kidding, I'm sure you didn't.

    1. No wet clothes hanging outside. I did make sure to high tail it inside before the dust got too close cause I didn't want to end up with a camera full of dust!