Friday, May 24, 2013

Wildlife on the Move

Within several days of setting up the wildlife camera we had a flurry of activity. Including a large bird that decided to rest on the camera!

Early on the morning of May 11 some shadowy figures passed through.

Here's a close up...

As they moved along the wash, we could see it was a family of javelina.

A couple hours later, a coyote wandered by.

Then early the next morning something came through at a fast rate of speed. Must have been on the hunt.

We have repositioned the camera and I'll post pictures when we have something exciting to report.

©2013 Michelle Goodrum


  1. So, have to wonder, if this neato camera would capture sunrises, since I cannot seem to do so! LOL Always sleeping through them.

    Very cool stuff Michelle.

    1. Hmmm... we should try that. I never seem to catch sunrises either. Very elusive they are. LOL