Friday, June 14, 2013

CU Graduation

Last month a certain family member graduated from college. Yeah! Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful place and the university did a fabulous job of showing off the local on the big screen. I love this picture of the flatirons just as they were switching to the graduates.

Julie Andrews gave the commencement address and she was fabulous! She is timeless in her appeal to all generations.

©2013 Michelle Goodrum


  1. Congrats to your family member! Julie Andrews as the commencement speaker? How fun is that!?

    Great photos!

  2. Oh so wonderful! I actually met her! Always one of my favorites!

  3. She is so great! One of my favorites. I met her once at a book signing. She signed the book she wrote. Bet she was wonderful...

    1. I think she is everyone's favorite. Young and old all know and love her. I didn't realize she became a writer after a botched throat operation.