Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quick Tour of Boulder & a Challenge - Day 70

Join me for a quick tour of the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. At the end I have a fun challenge for you.

The CU campus is beautiful with it's flagstone buildings and the ever present flatirons.

Who are these crazy people who jumped in front of the camera?

Here are a couple of fun pictures. Mom attended CU one summer to finish some classes for her degree. This is the old women's PE building where she spent most of her time. We spent some time looking for it as the campus has changed just a tad bit since the 1950s.

Ralphie the mascot lives at a secret location so we had to settle for this statue.

Boulder Baked has the best...well they everything they have is the best!

And now for the challenge. Found at Boulder Baked. Can you guess what this is?

March 10th.


  1. Have no clue, but, I am positive there are NO carbs in that, NOT a one! LOL

    1. You are absolutely right. No carbs but Lots of energy. It's a light fixture. LOL