Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bald Eagle Flying Lessons - Day 130

...or another National Geographic moment!

I looked out the window at the cabin, and what did I see but a parent and juvenile Bald Eagle.

After some discussion, Mom or Dad flew off leaving the kid pondering what to do next.

After much contemplation, the kid took a couple of short flights along the beach, looking not unlike a toddler learning to walk.

Mom, wherever you are, lookie what I can do!

Later on in the afternoon, an adult came flying by on a fishing trip. The local birds do not like his or her presence and harrass mercilessly. The eagle, well he or she just ignored them like you would a fly.

I took over 150 pictures over the course of the day just of eagles. It was a wonderful treat to observe on and off for a few hours!

May 9

©2012 Michelle Goodrum


  1. Wonderful, the only ones I see are in a zoo. I can imagine the fun you had, and really, ONLY 150?? I might have done twice that. CLICK CLICK CLICK! LOL

  2. I was under a deadline or I would have taken more! Had to clean a room out so people could sleep in it.

    Don't worry, there's more to come on future days. And then I did go CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. LOL