Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steamer Trunk - Day 143

I've been fascinated with this steamer trunk ever since it appeared in the basement of the Family Home many years ago. Mom picked it up at our neighbor, Rip Hoffman's yard sale. It has the name Allison scrawled on the side.

For years, many of the family papers and photos that now reside in the Archival Closet lived in this trunk. We brought it to Arizona last fall and I'm trying to decide between a couple of spots for it in the house.

May 22

©2012 Michelle Goodrum


  1. It is a lovely trunk, the leather straps look good, are they broken at all??

  2. Oh the stories it could tell. Doesn't it look great.

  3. Carol, the leather straps are all in great shape. In fact I have been reprimanded several times for moving the trunk with the leather handles - which admittedly could break.

    Pauleen - I'm sure it's got some great stories! Wish we could find out what they are. In fact, it occurs to me that Rip's wife's middle or maiden name might have been Allison. Hmmmmm. I feel a mini research project coming on....

  4. Is there anything on this trunk to indicate who that manufacturer may have been? I ask because I have one that is very similar that I am thinking of restoring. Mine is also a flat top, with the very same hardware, but it does not have the wooden slats - instead they used leather to waterproof/ protect the corners/ edges. Aesthetically, I find it very impressive just the same.