Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Bag - Day 266

After purchasing an ipad, I realized I needed a new travel bag for camera equipment, laptop and the ipad.

September 22

©2012 Michelle Goodrum


  1. Like.

    So, all the cords and chargers fit too?? Is this a camera bag first or a computer bag first?? Where did you find it??

    1. This is the Tamrac Rally 7. There is a slightly smaller versiou also called the Rally 5. It came from Amazon.

      So it has padded compartments for the camera plus 2 extra lenses and another compartment for stuff like chargers. Since I only have one extra lense the cords can go in the empty lense slot.

      I like my Lowepro Passport sling better for everyday carrying around. It fits the camera, extra lense and stuff, plus has an expandable compartment that serves as a purse AND it fits my ipad. But only barely.

      I got the Rally 7 because this one airline we fly to go see Youngest Daughter now charges if you carry on more than your personal item that fits under the seat. The Rally 7 will be my personal item. Empty purse will be checked through in my suitcase.

  2. Thanks Michelle for the info!