Saturday, October 6, 2012

An Icebox with a Story - Day 270

This is the original icebox that served as a refrigerator in the cabin when I was a little kid. That was before we had electricity. Whenever we went to the cabin, we would drive into town on the way and pick up a big block of ice to keep our food cold. The thing I remember most is the milk was never really cold in the summer. It was always sort of coolish. Ick. I like my milk cold.

Sometime after the electricity was turned on, the icebox was moved to the family home where it stayed for years. When my kids were little, I suggested moving it back to the cabin. Since we had a vehicle large enough to transport it, we did. Then a few days later the two houses next to us burned down. To the ground. Fortunately we weren't there. Especially fortunately, some neighbors strung hoses from their place and watered down our place until the fire department arrived (it's a rural area, these things take time). So the cabin and the icebox were saved.

September 26

©2012 Michelle Goodrum


  1. Love the ice box, and am glad it and the house were saved. Do you still use the cabin? And what do you store in the darling icebox now?

    1. We use the cabin regularly. Now we store holiday napkins, plates and a few baskets in it. Plus whatever some little kid leaves behind!